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I am working on a window treatment for a living room right now. The client asked me some advice about her curtains, because she wants to change the colour of her living room. Just to show her there are much more options in window treatment than just curtains–  I am drawing some sketches of the living room on scale. Different types of blinds (vouwgordijnen of houten lamellen bijvoorbeeld) don’t only change the colour, but also the complete style of your living room. 


At first, the curtains were red. So, all the accessories in the living room were supposed to fit with this typical colour.

In the restyling, you can see that more neutral colours are being used. In this way, there are much more options to add accessories in different colours. You could  easily introduce a different colour injection in the living room right  now, each season!

There is also a change in the way daylight enters the room. At first daylight was reduced by the heavy curtain fabric and curtain colour. Daylight can still enter the room in the current situation. The airy sheers allow the sunlight to shine through, while they still provide privacy.

While in the first situation, the bright colour drew attention to themselves –by their bright colours- the ambiance in the room is way more serene and peaceful right now. Mission accomplished!!

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