Being pregnant makes you do weird things.

Like getting up really early in the mornings (even on the weekend!!) to make yourself a yummie breakfast. I am kind of obsessed with food I must admit. And while chasing food I am not always the nicest person in the world.

Another thing is that I invent useless projects and then I have to realize them RIGHT NOW. Like decorating clothespins with washi tape. Just because it seems very important to showcase the birthday postcards we will receive (in 3 months from now) in a proper way. Yeah Right.

So, honey: I apologize and please remember: I will be normal again someday soon!


Wishing all of you an enjoyable weekend ! ~XX

(Photo credits:  i / b )

Ps. I found this T-shirt on the web and it pretty much says all of it, I think  😉


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