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Sometimes, I just can’t choose. Can’t choose what I will wear today. Can’t choose what I will make for diner. AND can’t choose between different styles. As I told you before, my husband and I like it natural. A basic design, with neutral colors and durable materials. The next mood board illustrates all things I like for this style.


As you can see, the colors in the chosen products are quite simple. To avoid the scheme from becoming boring, I choose products made from different materials. Different textures like wood, glass, reed or tin adding more character or interest to an interior.

Over all, this board is quite neutral and calm.

On the other hand, I also love color schemes with a little bit more VIVACITY ! A complete white base is perfect for adding fun colors which will definitely uplift your mood. The next board illustrates some items I love for this style.


To avoid the scheme from becoming shouty, I stay true to only add 3 (!!) colors. I love feminine colors like pink or coral; the blue helps to balance this a little bit.

So, maybe.. maybe in a future next house, I would paint a wooden floor white to get this style started. (My husband already complains for practical reasons. But as long as it always turns out to be me who is cleaning, I see opportunities…. )

For now, as we don’t care too much about our in-between-home, I just keep on mixing these two styles : )

Neutral for bedrooms   &   Vivid for the living

IMG_2744 IMG_2790

Where to purchase:

Board 1. Lamps by HKliving / printed cushion by H&M / blue cushion by RAAF / stool by House Doctor / olive tree, just because it’s fun / storage by HKliving / rug by Zara Home / dustbin by Loods5 / vase by HKliving / basket by H&M / puff by Loods5 /

Board 2. Style photo by 101Woonideeën / lamp by HKliving / coral cushion by LileSADi / storage by HKliving / clock by accentopwonen / stool by Zara Home / blue cushion by Zara Home / stripe cushion by Barbara Emmy / pink cushion by VOLT studio / door knob by Zara Home / chair by Vitra /

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