Bedroom Project

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This bedroom project was very easy but FUN to do. The owners were looking for a way to add some more colour and cosiness to their room. As the room is not that big, we decided to keep the walls white so the room stays light and looks bigger than when having a wall painted. Some colourful accents on the wall were wanted though, so I painted some pink stripes from ceiling to floor. This still keeps the white and bright look, but it is a cheerful eye catcher. This painted surface provides a nice space to show some jewelry, scarfs or a favorite dress. We purchased some different doorknobs for this. (can be purchased by any local DIY shop)

In the end, we decided that it would be nice to have some  colourful accents on the left side of the wall as well. So I painted just a few stripes more. In this way, the small cabinet with decorative vase- is also more anchored. The decorations on the white tray match well with their fine pink striped background.

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I didn’t tape or cover anything while painting. In this way, the stripes are not perfectly straight, for a ‘lekker loose’ effect.


This was a nice solution to add some colour to this small bedroom and could be a nice DIY for a bathroom as well!

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