DIY: your own cup of coffee


As a wedding gift to friends, I wanted to created personal mugs for the newly weds. But first, of course, I did a trial on my own crockery. It turned out to be very easy peasy, so that’s why I’d like to share this DIY with you! All you need to do is buy a porcelain marker at your local craft- or book store. Practice the words you’d like to write on some paper first, to see how big your font is. Use some tape on both at the top as the bottom of the cup for correct alignment of writing.


When it’s done, simply wait 45 minutes to dry the ink before you bake it in the oven on 170 degrees. IMPORTANT: do not pre heat your oven.. porcelain has to warm up slowly!


I am sure your coffee tastes much better in your own crafted mug.. Good Luck !!

Ps. You also find nice examples here and here

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