Mi Lugar Favorito (6) -Rotterdam

One of the reasons why I like Rotterdam so much, is that there is always something new to discover. Anytime I drive, cycle or walk through the city, I always notice a gallery, bar or restaurant  I didn’t see before. My dear friend M took me for lunch the other day, and yet again, this place was completely new to me.

And I liked it.


That’s why I’d like to share this hotspot ‘Uit je eigen stad’ in todays Favorite Place. 


Uit je eigen stad is a very green concept. Although this restaurant is located in a industrial zone, you really feel like you are visiting a farm.



You drink your coffee while you sit in between sunflowers and beanpoles and you hear clucking chickens every now and then. The veggies on your sandwich grew in the greenhouses at the very same site and they taste delicious! All ingredients Uit je eigen stad serves, are fresh and biological.

Thanks to the calm and pure environment, Uit je eigen stad really makes you feel relax as if you were on holiday. There’s also a big sandbox where kids can play, so the whole family could join for a visit!Desktop23 Desktop25

Nice to know:  a market takes places every Saturday, where you can buy fresh eggs and veggies from the garden. There’s also live music and bonfires in the weekends. Check out the program here ! Desktop20


 Have fun enjoying the good life in Rotterdam!!  ~X 

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