Apartment in Utrecht – the results

It is about time to show you some results of this project in Utrecht– as mentioned earlier!

I personally like the apartment for its great view and a lot of daylight coming in. The design and furnishing are kept relatively calm to highlight the large space. The colour scheme in the living room is quite neutral with its wooden floor, grey sofa and wooden accents. The painting (made by the mother of a friend) and the colourful candles, gathered on a tray, providing some extra personal touch.




More colours are being used in the kitchen. 

The large table with its chairs look very inviting. The wooden table is custom-made by a friend of the owners and allows you to hide some stuff inside the table. How cool is that!



The hallway shows a great way to display some (wedding) pictures. All pictures are printed in black and white with some accents in pink. Thanks to washi tape the wall won’t be damaged and pictures can be easily changed.


I very much enjoyed providing interior inspiration for this couple / making drawings and suggesting materials for them. In the end, the greatest effort was for themselves… but I was glad I could help out!


Whenever you need some design or style inspiration, please contact me.  -X- Inge

(Photo credits: i / b )

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