Mi Lugar Favorito (4) -Thuis bij vrienden

In todays ‘Favorite Place’ I’d like to show you the warm winter home of my neighbours. While my own home is still a mess, I like go next doors to get inspired ; )


Fleur is a very creative person and that’s why her house is always changing. I think I could do a photo shoot in her home every month –and it would look different every time! This season definitely has a touch of pink, as the couple is expecting a baby girl.

Take a look and enjoy!







Steal the style:

*Keep the basics neutral and add some colour by the use of decorations.

*If you (still) don’t have a Christmas tree, why not decorate some branches which you showcase in a big vase.

*The more candles the better! Don’t be afraid to mix different sizes and colours. Group them all together on a decorative tray.

*The hanging stars can be purchased at Sissy Boy Homeland. A lot of other decorations shown, are available at Loods5.


~Thanks Fleur, for providing this happy holiday inspiration! 

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